Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Must IPAD App for Teachers: SPHERE

I am super excited about the plethora of IPAD Apps that have been coming out. In the past month, I have been exploring with a Makerbot 3D printer in my classroom. With the printer making all kinds of unique tools, objects, and models, I have also been looking into how I can use our classroom IPAD to scan.
While there is a new IPAD attachment that looks promising, I didn't find anything great yet. In my search I stumbled upon a really amazing app. The app is called Sphere. For awhile now it has been used by travelers/photographers to capture full panoramic images of places. Just recently they have added an update for the IPAD.
For the classroom teacher, you can now use this app to create a full Sphere image of your classroom. This is a great way to give parents and community a snapshot into your classroom. 
The app is very straightforward on how to create the Sphere. There are step by step instructions and guided arrow, prompts, and cautions along the way. Remember to go slow when creating your image. I also found that I don't need to create a perfect shot of my ceiling and floor. Focus your spinning (not getting dizzy) on "the meat" of your classroom. Parents want to see the walls and setup mostly, so don't get too hung up on getting the top and bottom perfect.
You can see my Sphere here:

Get your IPAD out, capture your room, and share. We all want to see your room!


  1. Help! I am seeing lots of apps named Sphere. Is it the 360 photography? When I find an app that is useful, I always pass it along to my colleagues, and I would like to share this one.

    Once I know for sure, I'll capture my room. Just need to tidy up a bit...or a lot...or a lot lot.

  2. It is the 360 degree photography. Share away.