Friday, August 19, 2011

What's Yours....

My son has hit the stage where everything is now, "Mines!" He is out to claim every object like some explorer on a quest through a new land. This got me to thinking about the way we deal with possessions here in America. Ownership is one of the underlying themes of the "American Dream."
In February 2010, my wife and I went to Ethiopia to pick up our son. One of the best parts about the people of Ethiopia is their willingness to share. When there is an abundance of goods, everyone stakes claim and makes it theirs. When there is a shortage of goods, everyone shares the goods.
What does this mean for us in the classroom? It means that we like to label everything, assign seats, designate lockers, and stamp names upon objects. The problem I am finding in this is that it runs counter to our desire as teachers to create a cooperative community of learners. Why share with my neighbor when we are all self-sufficient? We have so much abundance that we have killed the notion of borrowing a cup of sugar from our neighbor.
In my classroom this year I am hoping to make sharing a normal day routine for my students. That means there are no designated hooks and storage for their belongings. They keep a minimal amount of things in their desk, because I could have them move at any time. We also have a huge cart in the room that is on wheels. The cart is full of supplies the kids can share.
So far into the school year everything is running smoothly. Kids are not fitting over their own space.
What are you doing in your class to help build a better community? Share your idea.