Monday, June 6, 2011

Having To Send Them Back

This is my least favorite time of the school year. The kids I love teaching, skip and parade to a summer of swimming and sleeping in. I always get a case of the blues for a few weeks (I can't help it, I love my job).
As I reflect back on the year, there are many highlights:
  • My students read over 3,000 books and 8 million words on Scholastic Reading Counts.
  • We Skyped with 3 different classrooms this year.
  • We participated in Epals with a class in Texas.
  • We took part in the Global Read Aloud.
  • Some of my students were personal recognized by author Wendy Orr (Nim's Island).
  • We used used the mobile lab, a Nintendo Wii, and a class Ipod Touch to assist in learning.
  • We successfully just completed our first ever, Project Day, and built three wooden pieces for our school playground.
  • The students collect or earned $97 for BloodWaterMission, $120 to buy a goat, $55 to donate to Tom's Shoes, and $50 to help pay a teacher through Central Asia Institute.
The list could go on, but the point is that great kids make for a great classroom environment. I couldn't be more proud of the achievements these 2nd graders have made. I will miss them.

What was the highlight of your year?


  1. Congrats on a fabulous year of learning and firsts!!!

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