Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Desert Island Question

I have always loved the desert island question. It goes something like....suppose you were going to be stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, what is the one _insert noun__ you would want to have?
I really like this question because if the person in question truly considers their answer, they will most likely reveal some stuff about their inner character. (Kind of like the guy on This American Life show the other day that asked people to pick a super power: Flight or Invisibility?)
So I wanted to pose a question for my readers, it goes like this. Your classroom is stuck on a desert island, you only have one classroom computer (hey this sounds familiar!) that can only pick up two websites. What are the two vital websites you would want to have for your students to use?

Pic CC elvispayne


  1. The question does not work for me. I have no idea about the needs of my students in this scenario. I have no idea how many students are involved, but the likelihood of two sites meeting the needs of all my students is not likely. I guess sometimes simple questions don't have simple answers. I would need a sites for content, creation and communication.Sorry.

  2. I know for sure one would be a blogging site to reach out but as for the other, I am just not sure yet. I am waiting to see how my students grow and reach through some sites.